Here's some of our most frequently asked questions, if yours aren't covered just get in touch via the contact form below

How long does Tabit Enterprise take to install?

Tabit Enterprise is available to users on both iOS and android via their respective stores and our desktop reporting end is available via secure log in, so it only takes a matter of moments to install and run Tabit Enterprise

How does Tabit Enterprise reduce over production of food?

Tabit Enterprise connects your employees, your catering staff and your HR database together in one easy to use simple platform. By feeding actual user behaviour, the number of actual meals  consumed and the number of employees on site to avail of the catering being offered into our AI engine, the number of actual meals needed to feed the number of employees is reduced, and thus the number of meals wasted is reduced.

Is my employee data secure?

Absolutely. Our platform is 100% secure, as are our servers,  and your employee data is anonymised for their privacy and protection. We partner with only the best in the business, and that is the same of our  security for our customers.

Waste is ever present and a part of life, so why should we start using Tabit Enterprise?

Tabit Enterprise is an  environmental management system designed to help workplace teams and their organizations identify, manage, monitor and control their environmental issues in a holistic manner.


There are many reasons why an organization should
take a strategic approach to improving its environmental
performance. Being ISO 14001  accredited is a massive advantage to any organisation and Tabit Enterprise can help in the process of identifying areas that can be fixed quickly to redue over all waste. A

lso Users of Tabit Enterprise  have reported that
our platform helps:
• Demonstrate compliance with current and future
statutory and regulatory requirements

• Increase leadership involvement and engagement
of employees

• Improve company reputation and the confidence
of stakeholders through strategic communication

• Achieve strategic business aims by incorporating
environmental issues into business management

• Provide a competitive and financial advantage
through improved efficiencies and reduced costs

• Encourage better environmental performance
of suppliers by integrating them into the
organization’s business systems